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Our Privacy Vow 
We, Organic Me, are committed to protecting your privacy and shall strictly observe the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) (the “Ordinance”) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”). All our customer-related information, including accounts, transactions and relevant correspondence, are handled with strict confidentiality. Throughout this statement, our use of the term "personal data" has the meaning ascribed to it by the Ordinance. 

Types of personal data collected 
For the purpose of carrying on our business, including the provision of various delivery arrangements, you may be required to provide certain personal data to us, such as, but not limited to, your name, your date of birth, telephone number, email-address, address,credit card information, bank account number, education level, occupation, household income, interests, and favourite activities etc (“Personal Data”). Your provision of the Personal Data to you is made on a voluntary basis.  If you refuse to provide such information, you may be denied access to certain parts of our website, or may render us unable to provide our products or services or to handle your application or request. 

Use of cookies 
By using our Organic Me website (“Website”), you agree that we can store and access cookies, IP addresses and use other methods in order to collect website usage data and improve your on-line experience. Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer or other devices by websites that you visit or certain emails you open. They are widely used in order to make websites function properly, as well as to provide business and marketing information to the website owners. We use cookies on our Website to track visitor preferences. These cookies allow the Website to remember information that changes the way the Website behaves or looks, such as your preferred language. These cookies can also assist you in changing text size, font and other parts of the Website that you can personalise. You may refuse to accept cookies by altering the settings on your internet browser but it should be noted that if you choose not to permit cookies, some areas of the Website may not function properly 

Main purposes of holding personal data 
You agree that your personal data provided by you to us may be used and retained by us for the following purposes, and for other purposes as shall be agreed between you and us or required by law from time to time: 
(i)   Providing goods, services and administration work related to your membership; 
(ii)  Processing of your membership application; 
(iii) Processing the preferential offers or benefits in relation to or arising from our services; 
(iv) Processing any payment instructions, direct debit facilities and/or credit facilities requested by you; 
(v)  Marketing and advertising of our products and services, such as sending you news, offers, promotions or events relating to our products and services (please see further details in “Direct Marketing” below; 
In accordance with the requirements of the Ordinance, we will honour an individual's request not to use his or her personal data for the purposes of direct marketing. Should you wish not to receive direct marketing material from us, please write to our Privacy Compliance Officer at the address listed below. Unless otherwise instructed as per the above, the Company may use any of the data collected in the normal course of its business for marketing purposes

Direct Marketing 
For the above direct marketing use, we intend to:-                                                                                         
1.   use your name and contact details; and 
2.  market or promote our goods, services and other related events. We may not use or provide your Personal Data unless exempted by the Ordinance or we have received your consent. You can opt-out free-of-charge any time by contacting us if you no longer wish any of your Personal Data to be used in any of the described direct marketing purposes. 

Security of your personal data 
All personal data you provide to us will be kept in a secured environment with restricted access by authorized personnel only. We shall adopt current Internet security methods and technologies for data transmission. This protects your data by encrypting it in a secure format to ensure that privacy is maintained. 

Disclosure of personal data 
We may disclose and transfer (whether in Hong Kong or abroad) your personal data to the following parties where such disclosure is necessary to satisfy the purpose, or a directly related purpose, for which the data was collected: 
(i) any entities (whether in Hong Kong or abroad) for fulfilling the purposes for which it was collected (subject to any consent requirement relating to “Direct Marketing” above), and to our business partners (whether in Hong Kong or abroad) for direct marketing use as described in “Direct Marketing” above; 
(ii) any telecommunications operators; 
(iii) any third-party collection agencies, credit reference agencies, security agencies, credit providers, banks, financial institutions;
(iv) any other persons under a duty of confidentiality to us;
(v) any of our actual or proposed assignees or transferees of our rights with respect to you to use, disclose, hold, process, retain or transfer such personal data for the purposes mentioned above; and
(vi) any of our subsidiaries, holding companies, associated companies, or affiliates of, or companies controlled by, or under common control with us.; 
(vii) government and regulatory authorities, investigative bodies and law enforcement agencies and other organisations, as required or authorised by law. 
If you do not want to have your information disclosed to any third party, please write to our Privacy Compliance Officer and email to

Access to and correction of personal data 
Under the laws of the Hong Kong, you have the right to: 
(i) check whether or not we hold any of your personal data;
(ii) access your personal data held by us; 
(iii) require us to correct any personal data that is inaccurate; and
(iv) ascertain our policies and practices (from time to time) in relation to personal data and the types of personal data held by us. In accordance with the Ordinance, we have the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any personal data access request. All requests for access to or correction of personal data or information regarding policies and practices and types of personal data held should be made in writing and addressed to: 
Privacy Compliance Officer

Amendment of privacy policy 
This statement is written in English language and may be translated into other languages. If there is any inconsistency between the English version and the translated version of this statement, the English version shall prevail.

Updated: 15 January 2017



Organic Me 致力保障客戶的私隱權並嚴格遵守香港特別行政區個人資料(私隱)條例(第486章)(「條例」)的規定。一切由本網站取得的客戶資料(包括賬戶、交易及有關通信)均會被保密處理。 此聲明內「個人資料」一詞含有條例所解釋的意義。 

當你向我們購買產品或要求提供服務時,我們或會要求你提供個人資料,例如(但不限於)稱謂、姓名、出生年月、電話號碼、電郵地址、住宅地址、信用卡資料及銀行戶口號碼、教育程度、職業、家庭收入、興趣及嗜好等(【個人資料】)。 你向我們提供有關你的個人資料是自願性質的,若你選擇不提供這些資料,你可能被拒絕進入網站的某些部份,或可能導致我們無法處理你的會員申請或向你提供產品或服務。 

當你瀏覽此網站時(「網站」),即視為同意我們可儲存及使用Cookies、IP地址及使用其他方法,以收集網站使用數據及提升閣下的線上體驗。 Cookies為閣下訪問的網站或閣下開啟的若干電郵儲存於閣下電腦中或其他上網設備中的小型電腦檔案,其因可讓網站正常運作及為網站擁有人提供業務及營銷資料而廣為應用。 我們於網站使用cookies以追蹤訪客的偏好。該等cookies可讓網站記錄網站的運作或頁面顯示方式變化的信息(如閣下優先選取的語言),亦可協助閣下因應個人需要,變更網頁上可予個人設定的部分,例如文字大小、字體及其他部分。閣下可透過修改互聯網瀏覽器的設置拒絕使用cookies,惟閣下須知悉,若閣下拒絕Cookies,網站的某些部分可能無法正常運作。 

(A)   提供產品、服務及關於閣下會員帳戶的行政工作; 
(B)   處理閣下之會員申請; 
(C)   處理由服務衍生或與服務有關之優惠;
(D)   處理付款,直接扣帳安排及/或信貸安排;及 
(E)   宣傳及推廣我們向閣下提供的商品及服務,例如向閣下發送關於我們的產品及服務之消息,活動,優惠及推廣資料(詳見下述「直接促銷」); 方便我們與閣下通信。 我們亦可不時使用有關顧客的不具識別性質統計資料,以便更有效地設計及改善我們的商品及服務。此等資料不會披露任何個人的身分。 根據條例規定,本公司會依從個人的要求,不會將其個人資料作為直銷推廣之用。若你不想收取本公司的直銷函件,請按下列地址致函本公司的私隱條例事務主任。 本公司可將所收集的個人資料作一般市場業務推廣之用,但按上述方式收到另行指示者則除外。

1.  使用閣下的姓名及聯絡資料;及 
2.  促銷及推廣我們的產品,服務及相關活動。 惟除非條例有所豁免或我們收到閣下的同意,否則我們不會如此使用及/或提供閣下的個人資料。閣下可隨時聯絡我們的保障資料私隱主任,免費要求我們停止閣下之任何個人資料使用於任何上述直接促銷目的。 

你向我們提供的所有個人資料將存放在安全的環境中,並只會由部分獲授權的職員取得及處理。所有你透過網站遞交的個人資料已於網上傳送時經我們的加密技術處理,以保護你的資料被安全地傳送。 資料的公開 我們可在有需要披露此等資料以達到收集此等資料之目的,或與該等目的直接有關之其他目的時,將你的資料公開及傳遞予向下述人士 (香港或海外): 
(A)  有關機構(包括香港及海外機構),藉以(在不違反任何有關上述「直接促銷」所要求的同意之情況下)滿足達成收集資料所涉的目的,亦可提供予我們的業務夥伴(包括香港及海外機構)作上述「直接促銷」之用; 
(B)  任何電訊服務供應商; 
(C)  任何第三者資料收集代理商、信貸資料庫、保安公司、信貸公司、銀行、財務機構; 
(D)  任何已與我們簽訂機密協議的第三者;
(E)  我們任何實際或建議之受託人或受讓人; 
(F)  我們的任何附屬公司、控股公司、關聯公司,或由我們所持有或與我們同屬一家控制公司的公司或聯營公司; 
(G)  法律規定或授權的政府及監管機構、調查機構及執法機關以及其他機構。 如你不希望個人資料被公開予第三者,請致函通知我們的私隱條例事務主任。 


(A) 檢查我們有否儲存你的個人資料;
(B) 取得已被我們儲存的個人資料; 
(C) 要求我們更改不準確的個人資料; 
(D) 隨時確定我們所訂立的私隱政策及我們所儲存之個人資料類別。   根據有關條例,我們有權向提出取得已被儲存的個人資料的客戶,收取合理的處理費用。 所有有關取出或更正個人資料之要求、或有關個人資料之政策及執行程序之要求,必須以書面提出,並郵遞至: 

Hoho Delights Company Limited

我們或會不定期修改本私隱政策。如有任何修改,恕不另行通知。請定期查閱本私隱政策。 (若中、英文版本有歧異之處,應以英文版為準。)




更新日期: 2017年8月18日

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