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Online Order Terms

Online customers must agree and accept the following order terms offered by Organic Me in order to enjoy the online ordering and delivery services. This term applies to Hong Kong and elsewhere. 

Online Order

  • Each online  order can only accept purchase price including shipping fee from HK$100 to HK$5,000 maximum.

  • Each customer can only purchase 5pcs of each product, other quantities or wholesale inquiries please contact us

  • Due to computer system processing limitation, the order may not be cancelled or changed after submission.  Organic Me is not responsible for any problem caused by the computer system.

  • Organic Me has the right to cancel the transaction, Organic Me reserve the final decision to accept the order or not.

  • When placing the order, please ensure to enter your contact information correctly : Name, Email Address,  Telephone Number, Shipping Address, ZIP Code (for HK, please type "0000").  Organic Me is not responsible for any loss suffered due to inaccurate informations.  

  • If customer fails to complete payment within 10 days of placing the order, the order will be cancelled automatically. 

  • Those product images shown on the website are taken from real items.  However, the actual products may have slightly discrepancies compare to the image according to environment lighting, printing, resolution and etc. 

  • If you received defective products, please contact us at within 7 working days.  We will response you within 24 hours and confirm / inform you the replacing arrangement.   The order is deemed completed if no exchange is made within 7 working days. 

  • All of Organic Me products are imported, we will always keep track and ensure adequate supply of goods. However, if the products ordered are NOT available due to lack of supply, Organic Me will refund for that product within a month from the purchase date.

  • All products sold by Organic Me are for personal use and not for any commercial purpose.  Organic Me reserve the rights to reject orders which are suspected for commercial purpose.

  • Product prices DO NOT include the local customs, local sales taxes, which may vary from country to country.  

  • Organic Me reserve the right to change the above terms to the sale of goods without giving any prior notice. If customer does not agree the terms, they can terminate the online ordering service. Previous orders will not be affected.

Payment Method

Organic Me online shop accept the following payment methods:

  1. Credit Card Visa / Master via Paypal

  2. Paypal transfer to PayPal A/C:,please state clearly the order number.

  3. We accept ATM transfer, please make payment to below account:

    • Hang Seng Bank A/C: 787-645472-883​

    • Account Name: Hoho Delights Company Ltd. 

    • Please email us the payment receipt and indicate the order number with your name and contact phone number.  Products to be deliver after 3-4 working days after received the payment.

  4. PayMe method.  You are welcome to use easier way by using APPS "PayMe", make payment to 93373018​.

  5. Fast Payment System FPS -

Shipping Method

​Hong Kong :

  • For Hong Kong local orders, the company uses SF Express

  • FREE domestic shipment with purchase up to HK$600 

  • For purchase with net amount below HK$600, we will charge HK$38 for delivery cost.  

  • Please check

  • We are not responsible for any additional cost charged by S.F. Express.

  • Make sure to include S.F. service centre code while you fill out the delivery address if decided to pick up the products from S.F. Centre. 


  • For Macau orders, the company uses SF Express

  • FREE shipment with purchase up to HK$800

  • According to S.F. Express policy, there will have additional charges for non-commercial area (residential) and some outbound area, Organic Me is not responsible for any additional cost charged by S.F. Express.


  • For overseas orders, the company uses Hong Kong Post, if you want to appoint others, please consult with us. 

  • All overseas orders delivery charges will subject to the real quote from Hong Kong Post Office, Organic Me is not responsible for any shipping cost.

  • Shipping cost we will send you a separate invoice, and products to be sent out once received the payment from you.

  • To comply the laws and requirements of the country in which you receiving the products, your orders maybe subject to import duties and / or taxes and any additional charges for custom clearance must be borne by you, Organic Me has no control over these charges and does not assume responsibility for the ordered goods meeting local customs laws and/or duties and taxes. Custom policies vary widely from country to country, and you should contact your local customs office for further information. 

  • When you press “confirmed” to place your order, it means you agree to accept the responsibility for the import duties and/or tax, additional charge and Import Trade Declaration for custom clearance. 

  • If parcels being held by customs which delays the delivery, please be reminded that Organic Me will not pay, nor be held responsible, for any customs and duties. 

  • If the items are rejected to be collected by customer and returned to Organic Me, customer should pay for the shipping charges (including send out & return shipment), handling charges and a re-stocking fee (10% of the order total price).  The balance will then be refunded back to customer. 
    *NOTE: As import duties and/or taxes and any additional charges for custom clearance must comply with the laws and requirements of the country, we MUST provide the product value for the customs clearance. In addition, some of the countries requested to attach the product details with value outside the parcel, thus, we will NOT amend the product value in any circumstances

Shipping Policy

  • We regret not delivery to P.O. Box or hotels.

  • The shipping fee (and concession) only covers the first time delivery.  If the delivery was returned to Organic Me, customer would have to responsible to pay the second time delivery charge on their own. 

  • Organic Me use SF Express or Hong Kong Post Office for your orders. Your rights regarding the delivery of the products shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the forwarder, which will be available for perusal upon request. By using our service, you agree to these forwarder to handle all the aspects of the delivery on your behalf.  We will not be responsible for any act or failure to act on the part of these forwarder. We disclaim any liability whatsoever and you assume all risks and liabilities associated with its use.   

  • For all returned parcels, if we cannot contact you for reshipping within 3 months, the transaction will be canceled and refund will be issued after deducting shipping cost and a 10% restocking fee.

Updated: 2 Oct 2019



客戶接受由Organic Me 提供之網上訂購服務,必須同意及接受以下訂購條款,方可享用有關網上訂購及送貨服務。有關條款適用香港及其他地區。



  • 網上訂購可接受之每筆購買金額(包括運費在內)由最低HK$100至最高HK$5,000。

  • 每種貨品每人限購五件。

  • 由於訂購單為電腦作業處理,故於訂貨後無法中途取消或變更,敬請注意。Organic Me 不負責因電腦系統出現的訂購單問題。

  • 客戶經網上訂購,但無論任何交易,即使電腦系統顯示交易已經完成,Organic Me 亦有權於通知客戶後取消該交易。Organic Me 保留接受訂購單與否的最終權利。

  • 客戶填寫訂購單時請確認姓名、電郵地址及電話,及送貨地址是否正確(郵政區號ZIP Code 請輸入"0000"),確保商品快速送抵指定地點。 如有因客戶提供錯誤資料而引至任何損失,Organic Me 不負責或賠償。 

  • 如客戶未能於十天內付款及通知 Organic Me,交易將被自動取消。

  • 售賣之產品均以實物拍攝,由於拍攝時受環境、光線、印刷及圖片組合的影響,商品實際可能會與實物有些微誤差,敬請消費者見諒。 

  • 售賣之產品如有瑕疵,請於貨到後7個工作天內連同送貨單及收據,電郵致 辦理換貨,如逾期未退換,即視為交貨完成。 

  • 售賣商品全部原裝進口,Organic Me 盡最大努力確保商品供應充足,偶有部份商品因進口貨期之耽誤而導致缺貨,尚祈見諒,若偶有缺貨,Organic Me 將另行通知客戶,因缺貨而導致的退款會於一個月內退回; 不便之處, 敬請見諒。

  • 所有售出貨品只作顧客私人使用,不可作任何商業用途,Organic Me 有權拒絕所有懷疑用作商業用途之訂貨要求。

  • 基於不同國家的稅務差異,產品售價不包括當地關稅或當地的銷售稅。 

  • Organic Me 有權單方面保留更改所有上列及其他有關售買貨品之條款,而不須作任何事先通知,若顧客不同意,可終止使用網上訂購服務,而已訂之貨物則不受影響。 


Organic Me 接受下列付款方式:

  1. ​Visa / Master,網上落單後,透過PayPal使用信用咭付款 

  2. PayPal,網上落單後,請直接以港幣支付總數至PayPal賬戶,請在備註寫上訂單編號

  3. 櫃員機轉賬, 恆生銀行A/C: 787-645472-883 Hoho Delights Company Ltd. 請把收據電郵致

  • 所有交易金額均需以港幣作結算。Fast Payment System FPS -

  • Organic Me 會在確認收到款項以後,在3-4個工作天內處理閣下的訂單。​​​

  4. PayMe付款方法,請轉賬致PayMe戶口 "93373018"。請下載"PayMe" APPS。

  5, Fast Payment System FPS -



  • Organic Me 使用順豐速遞服務

  • 貨品總值$600以上的訂單免運費,如有順豐非工商地區或香港偏遠地區額外附加費,請自行向順豐支付。

  • 貨品總值$600以下的訂單收取$35速遞費,如有順豐非工商地區或香港偏遠地區額外附加費,請自行向順豐支付。

  • 顧客可選擇在順豐站自取,請於下訂單時寫上順豐站編號


  • Organic Me 使用順豐速遞服務

  • 貨品總值$800以上的訂單免運費,如有順豐非工商地區或熟於偏遠地區額外附加費,請自行向順豐支付。

  • 貨品總值$800以下的訂單收取$30速遞費,如有順豐非工商地區或熟於偏遠地區額外附加費,請自行向順豐支付。


  • Organic Me 使用香港郵致服務,如選用其他速遞服務公司,請聯絡我們

  • 所有海外訂單郵政費用實報實消,Organic Me不負責任何費用。

  • 郵政費用將另行報價,運費付款後於3-5個工作天發貨。

  • 若貨品運送到中國香港以外國家,您將被當地視為入口者,您可能需要繳付附加費、各種稅項,或就有關貨品向運送目的地登記或申請進口許可證,這些收費及文件 申領均視乎運送目的地的法例而定,Organic Me網站不能控制或預計這類收費的數目,Organic Me網站亦不會為該等款項或文件申領手續負上任何法律責 任。如客戶對所在國家的入口關稅及法例有任何疑問,請跟當地海關聯絡。

  • 如您按「確認」完成訂購程序,即表示接受並願意為付運訂購貨品的一切附加費、稅項或進口文件申領事宜負責。

  • 如因目的地海關檢查及稅收而延遲收件時間。請注意,收件人需全權負責一切有關海關事項及稅項事宜。

  • 如貨件遭拒收而退回Organic Me,我們將會收取運費(包括去程及回程運費)、手續費及退回訂單處理費(訂單總額的10%),餘額將退回予顧客。 
    注 意: 因繳付附加費、各種稅項,或就有關貨品向運送目的地登記或申請進口許可證等均牽涉到當地國家的入口法例,我們必須如實報上貨品價值,而某些國家更規定必須要將內載貨品的詳情,包括貨品價值的文件附在包裹外,以作清關之用。故此,我們在任何情況下均不能夠按客户要求,在報關文件上調整貨品價值。


  • 我們均不會發送任何貨物至郵政信箱及酒店。

  • 運費(和優惠)僅涵蓋首次交貨。 如果交貨已退還給有機我,客戶必須自行負責支付第二次交貨費用。

  • Organic Me使用順豐快遞或香港郵政局服務。 您對產品交付的權利應受轉運商的條款和條件的約束,並可根據要求進行閱讀。 通過使用我們的服務,您同意這些代理商代表您處理交貨的所有方面。 對於這些貨運代理商的任何行為或未能採取行動,我們不承擔任何責任。 您將承擔與其使用相關的所有風險和責任。

  • 對於所有退回的包裹,如果我們不能在3個月內與您聯繫,交易將被取消,扣除運費和10%的補貨費後將退還。




更新日期: 2019年10月2日

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