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Biotyspa « Many beauty brands focus solely on aesthetics, using slimming creams and tools while neglecting internal lymph drainage. True to the philosophy of the Spa, the Active Slim treatment is a bona fide lymphatic and circulatory stimulant: a natural slimming solution that works both locally and internally. We recommend four courses a year, one at the beginning of each season, so as not to let cellulite and fats settle back into their usual areas. » Deborah - Founder of Biotyspa

Biotyspa is an eloquent name that instantly evokes organic products, beauty, and the realm of wellbeing. Created by a young Parisian couple, Biotyspa opened its first Spa boutique in 2016 on Australia's Bondi Beach, the heart of healthy trends in organic products and wellbeing. Biotyspa offers a selection of Vegan, Organic and Eco-friendly treatments that haven’t been tested on animals. From Deborah, Biotyspa Founder

許多美容品牌只專注於美學,使用減肥霜和工具,而忽略內部淋巴排水。正如Spa的理念一樣,Active Slim治療是一種真正的淋巴和循環刺激作用:一種天然纖體解決方案,由内到外。我們建議每年四次緊密療程,每個療程在每個季節開始時展開,以免讓橘皮組織和脂肪重新回到平常區域。From Deborah, Biotyspa Founder