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For all skin types, especially very sensitive and reactive

A simple blend of calming and healing oils to soothe and strengthen very sensitive skin

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Jojoba oil is light yet rich in nutrients which calm and heal the skin
  • Calendula cools redness and promotes skin healing
  • Rosehip seed oil is rich in essential fats and vitamin A, important for cell regeneration and keeping skin clear, supple and toned. It helps to minimize scars and speed up skin healing
  • Starflower (borage) oil contains uniquely very high amounts of GLA, a fatty acid particularly anti-inflammatory and important in maintaining skin moisture levels, useful for skin suffering from dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and rosacea
  • Sea buckthorn contains unparalleled amounts of carotenoids, which strengthen our skin’s defenses against UV and repair damage already done, and omega 7, a super anti-inflammatory with tissue repairing qualities. Also very rich in vitamin A
  • This face oil contains no essential oils, making it suitable for even the most reactive and damaged skin. It therefore has almost no scent, only a very light earthiness from the rosehip oil.


適用於所有皮膚類型 30ml



  • 100% 有機認證成分
  • 荷荷巴油質地輕盈,但含有豐富的營養成分,可鎮靜和治愈肌膚。
  • 金盞花冷卻紅腫並促進皮膚癒合,玫瑰果籽油富含必需脂肪和維生素 A,對細胞再生和保持皮膚清潔、柔軟和緊緻很重要。它有助於減少疤痕並加速皮膚癒合。星花(琉璃苣)油含有獨特的非常高含量的 GLA,一種特別抗炎的脂肪酸,對保持皮膚水分水平很重要,對患有濕疹、皮炎和酒渣鼻等乾性皮膚病的皮膚很有用。沙棘含有數量無與倫比的類胡蘿蔔素,可增強我們皮膚對紫外線的防禦能力並修復已經造成的損傷,以及歐米茄 7,一種具有組織修復特性的超級抗炎劑。維生素A也非常豐富 這款面油不含精油,即使是最敏感和受損的皮膚也能使用。因此,它幾乎沒有香味,只有玫瑰果油的淡淡泥土味。

Rosehip & Calendula Calming Facial Oil 玫瑰果金盞花鎮靜面部精華油


    Jojoba oil infused with calendula flowers
    Starflower (borage) oil
    Rosehip oil
    Sea buckthorn oil


  • Warm a few drops of face oil in your fingertips and press into the face and neck. Best applied after, or mixed with your Hydrating Mist or Serum.

    Best used at night after cleansing, but can also be used as a light summertime daytime moisturizer.

    只需1至2滴的精華油, 然後在指尖之間暖和,輕輕按壓到臉部和頸部。
    者:潔面後塗抹到濕潤的臉部和頸部, 再輕輕按壓到臉部和頸部。

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