For all skin types. 30ml

Especially beneficial for dry, dehydrated and mature skin.

This ultra-lightweight water based serum containing hydrating hyaluronic acid and delicate rose gives the skin a mega moisture boost. Layer under your moisturizer or oil serum to soothe and firm the skin immediately.

This serum has the wonderfully decadent but delicate smell of real roses. I LOVE this!

  • 97% certified organic ingredients
  • Sodium hyaluronate hydrates, giving smoother, plumper and softer skin
  • Vitamin C rich rose hydrosol calms and encourages cellular regeneration
  • Properly hydrated skin absorbs and transports nutrients more effectively
  • Sodium hyaluronate increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture, preventing moisture loss via evaporation – a must in the cold winter months
  • pH balancing to help protect and maintain our skin’s natural barriers
  • Use around the eye area to calm puffiness and smooth fine wrinkles

What is a sodium hyaluronate/hyaluronic acid (HA)?

HA is a naturally occurring sugar found in the body, mainly the skin and joints. It is used to maintain water levels within tissues. As we age our ability to produce HA decreases and this affects the appearance and texture of our skin. Water is vital for nutrient transportation, cell communication, replication and healing. We do not absorb water into our skin effectively unless it is bound to a HA molecule. Applying HA to the skin enables us absorb water effectively giving smoother, plumper, healthier skin. This HA is produced by bacterial fermentation of beans and potatoes.

What about Radish root ferment filtrate?

This is the preservative. HA is fondly known as “bug food” so attracts bacteria. This is the simplest, kindest preservative we found. It is simply a peptide (group of amino acids) that is produced by the same bacteria as we use to make kimchi, when radish root is fermented. It is approved for use in certified organic formulations and has no adverse effects on the skin.


適用於所有膚質。 15ml

- 對於乾性,脫水和老化的皮膚效果特別顯著。

- 含天然透明質酸和玫瑰籽,用後能促進肌膚補充大量水分, 再加上保濕霜或精華油,可使皮膚立即變得豐滿和緊緻。

- 97%認證的有機成分

- 天然植物透明質酸,使肌膚更平滑,更豐滿和更柔軟。富含維他命C的玫瑰水可以鎮靜並促進細胞再生。增加皮膚鎖水力能力, 防止水分流失, 令皮膚更有效地吸收營養。維持pH平衡,有助於保護和維持肌膚的天然屏障。


Rose Petal & Hyaluronic Water Serum 玫瑰籽高效保濕精華

SKU: 0014
  • *Certified Organic

    Bulgarian rose hydrosol*

    Sodium hyaluronate

    Radish root ferment filtrate


  • After cleansing, place a few drops of serum onto fingertips and press gently into face and neck. Layer under your moisturizer or oil based serum.

    Alternatively: After cleansing mix a few drops of this serum in the palm of your hand with moisturizer or oil based serum and apply gently to face and neck.

    This serum pairs beautifully with my Jasmine & Pomegranate Serum and Rose & Argan Moisturizer.

    只需1至2滴, 然後在指尖之間暖和,均勻地塗於整個臉部和頸部。


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