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Rose & Frankincense Flower Water 玫瑰乳香保濕花水


For all skin types. 120ml

Floral and nurturing, this flower water heals and refreshes the skin.

Flower waters have two purposes in skin care, they can be mixed with oils (moisturizers or oil serums) providing valuable hydration for the skin, and they can be used as a gentle cleanser.

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Non-drying and non-sticky
  • Frankincense and rose support skin regeneration, hydrating, anti-aging and healing
  • Rose and witch hazel help to reduce pore size and minimize broken capillaries
  • Hydrates the surface layers of the skin aid in nutrient transportation, waste product elimination and cell communication – all vital for healthy, great looking skin
  • pH balancing to help protect and maintain our skin’s natural barrier, the acid mantle

Doesn’t Witch Hazel dry the skin out?

No! This amazing plant has such a bad reputation. Witch Hazel does contain tannins which cause it to be astringent, but this tightens pores locking moisture in, not drying it out. Astringents also cause blood vessels to shrink back from the skin’s surface reducing redness and inflammation. Try using Witch Hazel on dry, itchy skin conditions for instant cooling relief.



- 這花水有治愈和令皮膚清新的作用。

- 花水用在皮膚護理中有兩個用途,它們可以與油(保濕劑或油性精華)混合,為皮膚提供有價值的水合作用,並且可以作為溫和的清潔作用。

- 100%認證的有機成分
- 不干燥,不粘
- 乳香和玫瑰支持皮膚再生,保濕,抗衰老和癒合
- 玫瑰和金縷梅有助於減細毛孔和幼化毛細血管
- 水潤皮膚表層, 輔助營養物質吸收,清除角質和細胞連結 - 對健康,美麗的皮膚至關重要
- pH平衡,有助於保護和保持我們皮膚的天然屏障,減低酸性

Rose & Frankincense Flower Water 玫瑰乳香保濕花水

SKU: 0006
  • *Certified Organic

    Rose hydrosol*
    Witch hazel distillate*
    Frankincense essential oil*


  • After cleansing, mist generously over the face and follow with your moisturizer or serum.

    Alternatively, mix 2-3 sprays with your moisturizer or oil serum prior to pressing into your face.

    As a gentle cleanser. Spritz the face generously then remove with cotton pads or damp cloth.

    也可作為溫和的爽膚水, 均勻地噴灑在臉部,然後用棉墊或濕布擦去。

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