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For all skin types 60ml


Immerse yourself in the forests of Western Canada with this gentle yet invigorating cleanser 

  • 99.6% certified organic ingredients,
  • Featuring Red Western Cedarwood essential oil wild crafted and distilled in small batches on Vancouver Island
  • Effectively removes dirt, make-up and pollution whilst supporting and maintaining our skins protective barrier
  • Jojoba oil regulates sebum production in dry and oily skin
  • Red Western Cedar and Black Spruce oil have been used traditionally to cleanse the body and regulate blood flow, helping to clear unwanted skin conditions. They are also very grounding and soothing to our nervous systems, don’t forget to pause and inhale the scent of this cleanser
  • Steam distilled lemon gently cleanses the skin of unwanted bacteria and fungi while uplifting the senses
  • Frankincense tones and regenerates the skin
  • No harsh surfactants to strip the skin of natural oils and cause irritation
  • Dissolves even waterproof make up, use carefully around the eye area


適用於所有膚質 60ml 

這款溫和而令人振奮的卸妝潔面液讓您沉浸在加拿大西部的森林中 99.6%認證的有機成分, 以溫哥華島上的小批量野生精製和蒸餾而成的紅色西部雪松精油為特色, 有效去除污垢, 彩妝和污染,同時支撐和維護我們的皮膚防護屏障。荷荷巴油調節乾燥和油性皮膚的皮脂產生,傳統上已使用Red Western Cedar和Black Spruce油來清潔身體並調節血液流動,從而幫助清除不需要的皮膚狀況。它們對我們的神經系統也有很好的接地作用和舒緩作用,別忘了暫停並吸入這種清潔的氣味。 蒸汽蒸餾檸檬溫和清潔皮膚上不必要的細菌和真菌,同時提升感官。 乳香調和皮膚再生,沒有刺激性的表面活性劑剝離天然油脂的皮膚並引起刺激溶解均勻的防水成分,使用時避開眼部周圍。

Red Western Cedar & Lemon Oil Cleanser 紅西柏檸檬卸粧潔面液


    Jojoba oil (infused with chamomile and calendula flowers)

    Lemon essential oil (steam distilled)
    Red Western Cedarwood essential oil (wild crafted)
    Frankincense essential oil
    Black Spruce essential oil




  • At the end of your day, take 2-3 pumps of cleanser and massage into a warm damp face. Leave for 2-20 minutes (can be used as a mask). Remove with a warm damp cloth. If you are removing lots of dirt or make-up you may need to repeat.

    The goal is to not need any product after cleansing, however if you need you some extra support during the transition follow with Hydrating Mist or Serum and a Face Oil.

    It is most necessary to cleanse your face at night, to remove daily dirt, pollution and make-up. In the morning I recommend using a simple warm damp cloth (add Hydrating Mist if you wish) to wipe over your face.


    I brush my teeth while the cleanser is on my skin. That way I know it’s been on for at least 2 minutes!

    取2-3份清潔液,然後按摩到溫暖的潮濕臉上。放置2-20分鐘(可用作面膜)。然後用溫暖的濕布擦拭清洗。如果要清除大量的灰塵或彩妝,則可能需要重複使用。 目標是清潔後不需要任何產品,但是,如果在過渡期間需要一些額外的支持,則可以使用保濕噴霧或精華液。 晚上最有必要清潔臉部,去除日常污垢,污染和彩妝。早晨,我建議您使用一塊簡單的溫暖的濕布(如果需要,可以添加保濕噴霧)擦拭您的臉部。 

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