For all skin types. Especially super sensitive, reactive and damaged.

I created this balm for my cracked nipples (sorry boys!) when breastfeeding my first baby and it was a miraculous healer and soother. It has since been the only thing I ever used on sore bottoms, cuts, grazes, skin rashes etc often with dramatic overnight success. I got so many regular requests from all my parent friends that I decided to make it an official product.

  • 50% certified organic ingredients
  • All the wonderful benefits of lanolin (see below) in an easy to use gel-like balm
  • Chamomile is cooling and anti-inflammatory
  • Calendula actively heals the skin by promoting collagen production
  • Jojoba oil moisturizes and soothes irritated skin without being heavy or greasy
  • Lanolin mimics our skin’s natural lipids, allowing our skin to breathe and retain large quantities of water (Learn more about lanolin below)
  • Gentle enough for babies


Lanolin is extracted from the oils found on the wool of sheep. Sheep wool grows continuously so needs to be sheared annually to prevent the wool overgrowing and causing the sheep problems. The lanolin is then removed in a washing process. So lanolin is a cruelty-free by-product of the wool industry.

The composition of fats and water that make up lanolin are almost identical to the fats and water in our human skin. It deeply moisturizes (both with oils and water) our skin while allowing it to breathe. No plant oils can mimic our skin so closely. This makes lanolin so perfect for very dry and damaged skin.

In the ’80s lanolin got a bad reputation and was considered an irritant to our skin. It was later discovered that the irritations and reactions were not to the lanolin itself but to residual pesticides and chemicals used during bad farming practices. The lanolin I use is thoroughly cleaned and tested resulting in a medical grade product. Unfortunately there is no certified organic lanolin on the market at this time. Medical grade lanolin is considered incredibly safe, it is used on open wounds in hospitals, and recommended for cracked nipples of nursing mothers.

Lanolin is incredibly sticky and unpleasant to use when used as is. I blend mine with jojoba oil infused with beneficial herbs to create this easy to apply, smooth gel.

If plant oils are not providing the moisture and healing benefits you need, try lanolin!

Helena Lane Jojoba & Calendula Cleanser (Unscented) 60ML

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  • *Certified Organic ^Unrefined

    Jojoba oil*^ (infused with chamomile* and calendula flowers*)




  • Take a pea sized amount and massage into a warm damp face. Leave for 2-20 minutes (can be used as a mask). Remove with a warm damp cloth. If you are removing lots of dirt or make-up you may need to repeat. Follow with floral water and serum, or leave your skin as is.

    It is most necessary to cleanse your face at night, to remove daily dirt, pollution and make-up. In the morning I recommend simply using a flower water and damp cloth to clean your face.