Jasmine & Pomegranate Oil Serum 茉莉花石榴面部精華油


For all skin types. 30ml

Especially beneficial for dry, dull, rough and aging skin.

Another super booster. A favourite with my spa customers this reveals the softest, most beautiful skin you’ve had in years – I LOVE this serum, and it smells amazing!

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Super anti-inflammatory borage oil heals and deeply moisturizes damaged akin
  • Pomegranate oil regenerates and repairs the surface of the skin
  • Frankincense improves, smooths and lifts the face
  • Cypress reduces puffiness and stimulates circulation for a radiant glow
  • Jasmine soothes and smells divine!



- 特別適合用於乾燥,無光澤,粗糙和老化的皮膚。
- 100%認證的有機成分
- 超級消炎的星花油有癒合並能深層滋潤已破壞的肌膚
- 石榴油幫助皮膚細胞再生並修復皮膚表面
- 乳香能改善,平滑和提升臉部
- 絲柏精油能去浮腫,刺激血液循環,令肌膚重現光澤
- 茉莉花能舒緩皮膚

Jasmine & Pomegranate Oil Serum 茉莉花石榴面部精華油

SKU: 0013
  • *Certified Organic ^Unrefined

    Jojoba oil*^

    Borage oil*^

    Pomegranate oil*^

    Frankincense essentail oil*

    Cypress essential oil*

    Jasmine absolute (wildcrafted and hexane free)


  • Either: Saturate your face with flower water or water-serum, then warm a few drops of this serum between fingertips and press gently into face and neck.

    Or: Mix a few drops of this serum in your palm with a sprays of flower water or drops of water-serum, apply to your face and neck.

    Or: Apply by itself after cleansing to a damp face and neck.

    Best used at night after cleansing, but can also be used as a light summertime daytime moisturizer.

    Use daily for best results.

    只需1至2滴的精華油, 然後在指尖之間暖和,輕輕按壓到臉部和頸部。
    者:潔面後塗抹到濕潤的臉部和頸部, 再輕輕按壓到臉部和頸部。