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適用於所有膚質 30毫升

- 保濕鎖水,  均勻膚色功效相等於BB霜

- 日常紫外線防護,SPF25(zinc oxide)

Glow意即調色透亮,具有高亮的天竺葵和檸檬香氣,可突出並營造水潤外觀。 75%認證的有機成分, 來自云母和氧化鐵的天然色調可提升肌膚柔亮的色彩,非常適合膚色較蒼白發黄的人, 且配方可與大多數膚色融合。 氧化鋅(非納米)可提供UVA和UVB防曬, 有機芒果黃油,山茶油和玫瑰果油可打造輕盈滋養的基礎。它不是遮瑕膏或粉底,色彩強度和覆蓋範圍應是淺而微妙的。


For all skin types 30ml

Provides daily moisture, daily colour, and daily UV protection.

#1 Glow – a light, illuminating and creamy light beige for highlighting and creating a dewy look, with a light scent of geranium and lemon

  • 75% certified organic ingredients
  • Natural tint, from mica and iron oxides provides gentle colour, perfect for those with paler skin, or wanting a light tan during winter months
  • Formulated to blend with most skin tones and colours
  • Zinc oxide (non-nano) provides UVA and UVB sun protection
  • Organic mango butter, camellia oil and rosehip oil create a light but nourishing base
  • This is a tint, not a concealer or foundation. The colour intensity and coverage is intended to be light and subtle.

Glow Geranium Tinted Moisturizer 天竺葵提亮修護霜


    Mango butter*
    Camellia oil*
    Rosehip seed oil*
    Zinc oxide, Mica, Titanium dioxide, Iron oxide
    Lemon essential oil (steam distilled)*
    Geranium essential oil*


  • 芒果黃油會在人體溫度下融化,因此在指尖之間取少量適量溫熱,然後輕輕塗抹在皮膚上。可以建立顏色以擴大覆蓋範圍。 我建議應用,然後等待一分鐘以查看最終效果。 為了獲得最佳效果並使用保濕噴霧後,將其更快地吸收到臉上,或在手掌拍打皮膚之前,將2-3次保濕噴霧與手掌中的保濕劑混合。 存放在陰涼處,避免陽光直射。

    Mango butter melts at body temperature so take a small amount and warm between fingertips before smoothing gently into skin. The colour can be built up for more coverage.

    I recommend applying and then waiting a minute to see final effects.

    For best results and faster absorption apply to face after using a Hydrating Mist, or mix 2-3 sprays of Hydrating Mist to the moisturizer in the palm of your hand before patting onto the skin.

    Store in a cool place out of sunlight.

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