Active Slim tea is formulated with Organic ingredients known for their diuretic and detoxifying properties. Maté, a powerful slimming stimulant, combines with bladderwrack (fucus) and hibiscus to give a sweet, fruity beverage that targets water retention and cellulite.

BIOTYSPA Slimming Tea 100g Price

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  • Yerba Mate*, Lime (peel)*, Lemongrass*, Bladderwrack (fucus)*, Hibiscus, Liquorice (root)*, Natural Lemon.
    *Certified Organic Ingredients

    Loose leaf 100g bag

  • Make it hot or iced - put 2 tablespoon in your teapot and add some hot water (half way) infuse for 7 min, take the tea off the teapot and fill it with cold water, then put it in the fridge for few hours.
    Add a few mint leaves or slices of fresh fruit if you want a bit of colour and a flavour boost. Drink up to 2-3 cups daily as a supplement to the Active Slim slimming oil and anti-cellulite vacuum cup weight-loss treatment.