The slimming cup ACTIVE SLIM has been designed to break the fat cells and get rid of the cellulite. The mouvements imitate the lymphatic drainage and the famous French «palpate roll » massage, enhancing circulation, getting rid of toxins and water retention.

For further results, the cup must be used with the organic slimming oil ACTIVE SLIM to allow massage, in addition to the ACTIVE SLIM tea.

ACTIVE SLIM減脂修型杯旨在打破脂肪細胞,擺脫脂肪團。 Mouvements模仿淋巴引流和著名的法國«觸診滾動»按摩,增強循環,擺脫毒素和保水。 為了獲得進一步的結果,除了ACTIVE SLIM茶之外,杯子必須與有機減肥油ACTIVE SLIM一起使用以進行按摩。

Biotyspa Slimming Cup 減脂修型杯

SKU: 0001
  • 100% Silicon 矽

  • Directions: Prior using the cup, apply the Slimming oil ACTIVE SLIM on located areas, on dry skin.
    Get the cup wet to make the massage easier. Take the cup flat on your skin, and press then the the top with more or less intensity, depending how hard you want to vacuum. Then make some circular movements to massage from bottom to top, during five minutes on each area.

    在使用杯子之前,將ACTIVE SLIM纖體油塗抹在乾燥的皮膚上。 將杯子弄濕,使按摩更容易。然後將杯子平放在您的皮膚上,然後按或多或少的強度按頂部,這取決於您想要吸塵的程度。然後進行一些圓周運動,從下到上按摩,每個區域五分鐘。