For all skin types. 30g

Especially beneficial for dry, dehydrated and mature skin.

A powerful mask of hydrating hibiscus and berries rich in vitamin C, oils and natural fruit enzymes. Leaves the skin smooth, nourished and glowing. This mask packs a punch!

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Hydrating hibiscus plumps the skin
  • Oil-rich rosehip and sea buckthorn berries nourish and heal
  • Elderberry, rosehip and sea buckthorn are super rich in vitamin C, vital for collagen production
  • Natural fruit enzymes remove surface dead cells to reveal softer, brighter skin


適用於所有膚質。 30g

- 特別對於乾性,脫水和成熟的皮膚尤其合適。
- 功效極佳的面膜,含補濕度高的木槿花,豐富維他命C的槳果。用後能使皮膚光滑,滋養和重現光澤。 
- 100%認證的有機成分
- 保濕的木槿花令皮膚豐潤
- 豐富的玫瑰果和沙棘漿果能滋養肌膚和有癒合的功效
- 接骨木,玫瑰果和沙棘含有超級豐富的維生素C,對膠原蛋白生產至關重要
- 天然果實的酶消除表面死皮細胞,顯露出更柔軟,更亮的皮膚

Berry & Hibiscus Mask & Exfoliant 漿果木槿花去角質面膜

SKU: 0017
  • *Certified Organic

    Hibiscus flowers*

    Sea buckthorn fruit*




  • Mix mask with water or flower water to form a paste. Apply to face in gentle circular motions. Leave for 5 minutes (sensitive skin) to 10 minutes (less sensitive). Rinse off with warm water and follow with flower water or water serum and moisturizer or serum.

    (A little warning: the highly pigmented (nutritious) ingredients in this product may stain clothing or towels)

    取適量的面膜粉與水或花水混合形成糊狀,避開眼的四週,均勻地塗於臉上後溫和地打圈,然後離開5分鐘(敏感皮膚),10分鐘(不太敏感)。 最後用溫水沖洗,後用花水或水分精華,再加用精華油或保濕霜效果更佳。