Argan & Frankincense Oil Serum 堅果乳香面部精華油


For all skin types. 30ml

Serums are a great way to give your skin an extra boost. This is light and easily absorbed and contains my two favourite essential oils for the skin, rejuvenating frankincense and restorative neroli. For almost immediate radiance and it smells divine.

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Argan oil moisturizes and nourishes to give healthy, soft and glowing skin
  • Frankincense and neroli encourage cell regeneration, reduce inflammation, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars
  • Produces results quickly
  • Very concentrated. Only a few drops needed
  • Multi-purpose… try it as a hair serum, on stretch marks, cradle cap….

Neroli essential oil, also known as orange blossom, is known as a “precious” oil due to it’s striking scent and incredible effect on our minds and bodies. I love using this product at night because neroli calms the mind and lifts your mood, a wonderful way to drift off to sleep!


- 100%認證的有機成分
- 甘油有保濕和滋養作用,給予健康,柔軟和發光亮的皮膚
- 乳香和橙花增加細胞再生,減少炎症,減少皺紋和疤痕的出現,迅速令到肌膚達到改善的成效

- 可作多用途, 可用於頭髮,妊娠紋

Argan & Frankincense Oil Serum 堅果乳香面部精華油

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  • *Certified Organic  ^Unrefined

    Argan oil *^

    Frankincense essential oil*

    Neroli essential oil*


  • Either: Saturate your face with flower water or water-serum, then warm a few drops of this serum between fingertips and press gently into face and neck.

    Or: Mix a few drops of this serum in your palm with a sprays of flower water or drops of water-serum, apply to your face and neck.

    Or: Apply by itself after cleansing to a damp face and neck.

    Best used at night after cleansing, but can also be used as a light summertime daytime moisturizer.

    Use daily for best results.

    只需1至2滴的精華油, 然後在指尖之間暖和,輕輕按壓到臉部和頸部。
    者:潔面後塗抹到濕潤的臉部和頸部, 再輕輕按壓到臉部和頸部。