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Our aim is to provide the cleanest possible products for your body. This means 100% natural products, full of medicinal organics and completely free of cortisone, steroids, DEA, sodium chloride, propylene glycol, aluminum, synthetic fragrances, and dyes. With a constantly increasing awareness of the potentially harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients used in health and beauty products, it is becoming more apparent that safer, naturally derived and organic alternatives should be made available.
At Carina, we have chosen a healthier approach to manufacturing self-care products. Since Carina's inception in 1972, replacing chemical and synthetic ingredients with natural and organic plant extracts, essences, and oils has been central to our focus and philosophy. This simple formula has helped Carina and its products become recognized and preferred internationally. Organic ingredients such as palm kernel extract and coconut provide our shampoo products with mild, yet effective, cleansing properties and the foam produced is rich and creamy. This is due to the essential tree, herb, fruit and flower extracts that are added to complement our formulations. In our skin creams and conditioners, organic essences and oils from avocado, olive, flax seed, pumpkin seed and sunflower help the skin to naturally retain and maintain its moisture level and hydration so it does not dry out prematurely.We take great pride in using the highest quality ingredients possible in our formulations. A personal "hands-on" approach is taken when selecting and harvesting the proper tree essences, herbs, plants, fruits, flowers and vegetables.Throughout the year, ingredients such as alfalfa, chamomile, echinacea, nettle, red clover, along with a variety of botanical tree essences, are hand selected and harvested from different regions of the Pacific Northwest's forests and farms. With a distinct focus on holistic remedies, purity, craft, and quality, all Carina products are manufactured by hand on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Carina Organics 目標是為您的身體提供潔淨的產品,100% 天然產品,富含藥用有機物,完全不含可的松、類固醇、DEA、氯化鈉、丙二醇、鋁、合成香料和染料。隨著人們對健康和美容產品中使用的潛在有害化學和合成成分的認識不斷提高,越來越明顯的是,應該提供更安全、天然提取的有機替代品。 在 Carina,我們選擇了一種更健康的方法來製造自我護理產品。自 Carina 於 1972 年成立以來,用天然和有機植物提取物、香精和油替代化學和合成成分一直是我們的重點和理念的核心。這個簡單的配方幫助 Carina 及其產品在國際上得到認可和青睞。棕櫚仁提取物和椰子等有機成分為我們的洗髮水產品提供了溫和而有效的清潔特性,並且產生的泡沫豐富而柔滑。這是由於添加了必需的樹、草本、水果和花卉提取物以補充我們的配方。在我們的護膚霜和護髮素中,有機精華和來自鱷梨、橄欖、亞麻籽、南瓜籽和向日葵的油有助於皮膚自然地保持和保持水分和水合作用,因此它不會過早變乾。我們非常自豪地使用我們的配方中可能含有最高質量的成分。在選擇和收穫適當的樹精、藥草、植物、水果、花卉和蔬菜時,採取個人“親力親為”的方法。一年四季,紫花苜蓿、洋甘菊、紫錐花、蕁麻、紅三葉草等成分,以及各種植物樹精華,是從太平洋西北地區的森林和農場的不同地區手工挑选和收穫的。憑藉對整體療法、純度、工藝和質量的獨特關注,所有 Carina 產品均在不列顛哥倫比亞省溫哥華北岸手工製造。

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