VANESSA MEGAN founded in 2009 Australia, and products were born from Vanessa’s best friend’s phrase: "You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat''. Every single product is designed to meet the uncompromising standard of this statement: We won’t eat chemicals and we won’t eat mineral oils, parabens, PEGs, artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances and we certainly won’t feed them to you through the skin. None of those harmful ingredients are in any of the products they make.  Do care about the customers, they are trying to educate more people across the country and around the world about what they can do to have healthy and beautiful skin. As skin is the largest organ of your body and taking care of it helps to keep the rest of you healthy too. Remember, your skin is permeable, so whatever you put on your skin can enter your body, and they firmly believe that natural, non-industrial ingredients are very important for your health.  Vanessa Megan only use the finest quality natural and organic ingredients.

Packaging is designed to minimise waste and is 100% recyclable.

Certified Cruelty Free.  ~from Vanessa Megan, Australia

HELENA LANE Over the last 10 years I have seen the natural and organic skincare industry become more and more complicated; ingredient lists are getting longer as the ingredients are getting more refined and processed, as companies strive to make the products easier and cheaper to manufacture. These highly processed natural ingredients can be as un-beneficial as the synthetic ones whilst misleading consumers into thinking they are getting the real thing.  We now understand that good food for our bodies is unprocessed and nutrient-rich. I believe this is also true for the food for our skin. I try not to put “junk” into my body, so why would I put it on my skin?  I want you to do less to your skin. I believe most people use too many products with too many ingredients, too often. This interferes with the skin’s own processes of growth and repair, which long-term, causes the skin to deteriorate and become unbalanced. My skincare respects our own natural processes of rejuvenation and encourages our skin to work for itself again; the aim is to use fewer products over time not more, and not to rely on products to make our skin look good.

My formulations have only a few ingredients but ones that are richest in nutrients for our skin. I have chosen only unrefined, unprocessed, natural and certified organic ingredients.  I’ve been reading ingredient labels for years and still get overwhelmed! I want you to read my labels and truly understand what is going onto your skin and therefore into your body. ~from Helena Lane, Canada


Elate is at the heart of the conscious beauty movement. We believe no animal or person should ever be harmed to make beauty products. The opposite of kindness is not cruelty, it is inattention, and we are paying attention. To the companies we partner with, the ingredients we choose and the way our products are marketed. Always with kindness, never with fear or shame. Know that you are a perfect and whole being, and that we are here to support you on your journey to a more intentional lifestyle and conscious beauty bag.


At Elate Cosmetics we want to empower everyone to make healthy choices and use the best possible products for their daily ritual. Products that don’t compromise the health of any person, animal or the planet. With integrity and kindness, we strive for balance and aim to redefine the future of the beauty industry and help save the planet.

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Biotyspa « Many beauty brands focus solely on aesthetics, using slimming creams and tools while neglecting internal lymph drainage. True to the philosophy of the Spa, the Active Slim treatment is a bona fide lymphatic and circulatory stimulant: a natural slimming solution that works both locally and internally. We recommend four courses a year, one at the beginning of each season, so as not to let cellulite and fats settle back into their usual areas. » Deborah - Founder of Biotyspa

Biotyspa is an eloquent name that instantly evokes organic products, beauty, and the realm of wellbeing. Created by a young Parisian couple, Biotyspa opened its first Spa boutique in 2016 on Australia's Bondi Beach, the heart of healthy trends in organic products and wellbeing. Biotyspa offers a selection of Vegan, Organic and Eco-friendly treatments that haven’t been tested on animals.

MEEKA Body believes in the power of pure, organic beauty. Taking inspiration from the earth to deliver a product line that is as nourishing as it is indulgent.  Founded and operated in Melbourne, Australia by husband and wife duo, Elena and Bill.  Meeka’s sustainably sourced Mediterranean Sea sponges, and natural organic ingredients, are carefully chosen to revive, exfoliate and hydrate the skin.  Transforming the routine of bathing into an truly indulgent experience, that cares for the earth, body and mind.  

Meeka is a leading global partner in the natural sea sponge industry and Australia’s largest importer of Mediterranean sea sponges. Meeka believes in working with Mother Nature, taking the time and care to ensure sustainable harvesting and responsible practices.  All Meeka sponges are carefully harvested to ensure minimal disruption to the sponges natural environment. Conservation of important root systems, protect and promote natural regenerative processes- where the collection of the sponges also supports the re-growth of healthier, stronger new sponges.  

Meeka products are made in Australia & created using 100% natural and organic ingredients, 
carefully harvested and prepared to ensure sustainable practice.  Meeka's Organic body range has been carefully and thoughtfully designed around the benefits of aromatherapy and how the perfect blend of essential oils effect our overall health and wellbeing.  ~From Meeka, Australia

CARELIA was founded in 2013 as a result of the concerns of its director and founder, Inés Navas,for the full health care, safety and welfare of her daughters Carla and Claudia.

Ines, aware of the importance of skin care for the smallest kids, would offer her own daughters the best natural product, free of harmful substances. And that's how they developed a line of shampoo and shower gel, moisturizing body lotion and cologne able to care for natural and deep skin for their daughters, while providing them the pleasure of a smooth and lasting fragrance in their memory. In Carelia, affection and protection served as premise throughout its development, incorporating the healthiest active ingredients possible for sensitive skin care .

A range of natural cosmetics designed with great care and attention, in close collaboration with expert dermatologists, for babies and children, even for those who need special care since having atopic or hypersensitive skin.

High tolerance essential cosmetics, exquisite textures and smells. Toxic free as parabens, mineral oils and other additives which we consider unnecessary.

All our products have undergone the most extensive clinical trials before being marketed. Dermatological tests were conducted on volunteers and never on animals, obtaining, in all the tests, excellent grades in High Tolerance and Proven Efficiency, even in atopic skin. Quality operating under the new regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council on cosmetic products. We have the certification and trust of the dermatology Clinic of Dr. de Moragas, being leaders in this field and specialists in aesthetics, general clinical dermatology, oncology dermatology and tropical dermatology.

ISO Certification

Our laboratories are certified to ISO 9001: 2008 in the Manufacture Cosmetics with ISO 22716: 2007Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetic Products.

PEP SOAP Canadian 100% natural ingredients handmade soap. 

"We believe in living well responsibly. This means living a meaningful life with intentions. We pay attention to everything we do - from formulating our products with sustainable raw ingredients, sourcing from local Canadian responsible companies, to designing our packaging to be minimalist and biodegradable. We bring you responsible products that are a joy to use. We believe positive changes happen at the grassroots level. It is ordinary people making conscious decisions in everyday lives that shape our future. Often time, we as city folks are so far removed from the origin and manufacturing processes of our products that it is easy to be wasteful. We want you to know the people behind our products by collaborating with local Canadian companies and sharing their stories. We strive to run Pep Soap with honesty and transparency. It is not easy to stand out in a very crowded market place, but we think those who pay attention will notice.By sharing our beliefs, it is our hope to encourage consumers like you to stay conscious and curious. Ask questions and demand more from manufacturers and retailers. We can make a difference, one bar at a time." ~from Pep Soap, Canada


When we are lucky enough to be born in an affluent part of the world it should be our duty to take care of the less fortunate. Many children will never own any oral care products and we’re depleting natural resources and filling up the oceans with used products.

Can we change our ways of production and consumption? Can we help provide oral care products to those that need it most? The answer is yes!

As a dentist, The Humble Co. was founded to create products that are good for you and kind to our planet. Every Humble purchase goes towards funding projects for the benefit of children in need

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